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Welcome to the hub for Zapier AI Actions! Before you dive in, read about three important concepts below.

About AI Actions

AI Actions is a tool for builders to equip AI platforms (or custom integrations) with the ability to run any Zapier action! The 20,000+ searches and actions you know and love from the Zapier automation platform can be used with your favorite AI tool.

1. How it works

Zapier is an integration platform that hosts 5,000+ third-party apps and has 30,000+ actions. AI Actions equips your own AI or systems with the ability to run any action on Zapier (eg. Send a Slack message, find a Google Calendar event, draft a Gmail reply, create a HubSpot lead, etc.)

In this system, your natural language command acts as the trigger, and AI helps to execute the Action.

Traditional hurdles like third-party app authentication and API integrations are all taken care of out of the box.

2. Choose your AI platform

AI Actions are supported natively on several AI platforms:

⭐️ ChatGPT and GPTs: equip GPTs with the ability to run AI Actions, get started here.

⭐️ Zapier: use AI Actions within Zaps or the Zapier Chrome Extension, get started here.

⭐️ Custom: build a private integration directly with AI Actions via REST API and 🔐 API Keys, get started here.

And more: LangChain , LlamaIndex .

3. Setup your AI Actions

To ensure safety and security, AI Platforms only have access to AI Actions enabled by you.

⚙️ Manage Actions settings.

Happy building!

We're excited to see what you build using AI Actions. If you ever get stuck or have feedback for us, please feel free to submit a support ticket or join our Slack community.