Natural Language Actions beta

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Welcome to the hub for Zapier Natural Language Actions (NLA)! Before you dive in, here are three crucial things you need to know.

1. How it works

Zapier is an integration platform that hosts 5,000+ third-party apps and has 30,000+ actions. Any action available within Zapier is available for you — and your product users — to run with the NLA API.

In this system, your natural language command acts as the trigger and AI helps to execute the Action.

With NLA, tradition hurdles like third-party app authentication and API integrations are all taken care of out of the box.

⚡️ Learn more in the docs.

2. Choose your auth

When you're ready to start development, there are two types of authentication.

API Keys: to be used if you are only using your Zapier account for all API calls. For example, LangChain or local development environments.

Oauth Credentials: to be used only if you are going to have any user-facing interactions with NLA. Each user will need to authenticate with Oauth to allow your product to connect with their Zapier account.

Make sure you are clear on which type you need.

🔐 Read the authentication docs.

3. Setup your actions

To ensure safety and security, NLA providers will only have access to Actions enabled by each user.

⚙️ Manage Actions settings.

Happy building!

We're excited to see what you build usng Natural Language Actions. Please review the docs to get the most out of NLA.

If you ever get stuck or have feedback for us, please feel free to submit a support ticket or join our Slack community.