Get Started with Natural Language Actions

User permissions for Natural Language Actions are managed on a per-user and per-provider basis. The user defines a set of actions and then can enable or disable them per-provider.

Everyone has access via a dev provider with an associated personal API key, but you can request to become a provider by submitting this form to get OAuth credentials suitable for production use cases. In the future, we'll enable more self-management of providers.

Your Access Points

These access points represent the access you've given to providers (providers are developers or partners using NLA), including API keys. Head on over to the API docs to see what is possible.

Provider Name Provider ID Provider Owned By Me Personal API Key
Dev App dev no setup actions to get api key Setup Actions
Request to Become a Provider

Run Logs

Any previews or runs from the demo or API will be reflected here for easier debugging.

Action Name When Provider ID Status
No execution logs yet. Create one with the Demo.