Natural Language Actions beta

NLA API docs - Overview

Learn more about Zapier and Natural Language Actions.

About NLA

Zapier is an integration platform with 5,000+ apps and 30,000+ actions that enable millions of users to easily connect apps to automate their work — without knowing how to code.

NLA exposes the same integrations Zapier uses to build our products, to you, to plug in the capabilties of Zapier's platform into your own products.

For example, you can use the NLA API to:

And thousands of other app actions, all with one universal natural language API.

NLA is optimized for products that receive user input in natural language like chat, assistant, or other large language model based experience. That said, it can also be used to power any product that needs integrations. Think of NLA as a more human-friendly integrations API.

Integrations made easy

NLA contains a decade of Zapier's experience in solving API shenanigans, so you don't have to.

Here are some common API complexities, automatically handled by NLA.

Support for every type of auth
Zapier securely handles and signs requests for you including Basic, Session, API Key, OAuth v1, Oauth v2, and Digest.

Support for create, update, and search actions
With endpoints optimized for natural language usage.

Support for custom fields
Spreadsheet, CRM, and mailing list friendly. 🙂

Reference by name, not ID
Humans use natural language names, not IDs, to reference things in their apps, so NLA does too.

Smart, human defaults
APIs sometimes have 100 options. Zapier's platform data helps us make NLA simpler for users out of the box.

API design notes

Here are a few design choices we've made with this API.

  • Let individual users control access to their actions and accounts.
  • Minimize the amount of work users must do to set up and run actions.
  • Let users override the AI when desired.